If You Haven’t Seen This Incredible Post-Game Interview With A High School Football Player, Yeah, You Need To


OH AWESOME! AWESOME! He needs to be cloned! As does this cheerleader!

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Rat Nation:

Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson seen nodding in approval. Just kidding. 

Apollos Hester is a high school student. He plays football in Texas. For the East View High School Patriots in Georgetown. That’s not the story.

What this remarkable young man said in an interview following his team’s dramatic come-from-behind victory over rival Vandegrift High School on Friday is not only the story, but something profound that black America – and liberals in general – should heed.

P.S. They won’t….

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A W E S O M E !



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Stupid and senile America slips into that good night…

There it is. Senility. There is part of the answer as to why We, the People are doing nothing about our open borders and the snake that slithers untouched along the carpet of the Oval Office. We have become senile which might be expected of anyone (a country) over 200 years old. We have forgotten what it took to make freedom ring across this land and what it takes to maintain it.

The other part is stupidity. I figure God forgives senility, but stupidity – that is another matter entirely.

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Santa, Bashing Through The Snow…


Merry Christmas (or whatever we are “allowed” to call it) 2014 and beyond! SUCH a bright future America. Aren’t we so proud?

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Get Your Christmas Gifts From The Police State!

Don’t you dare call it mental conditioning.

Train up a child in the way he should go, And even when he is old he will not depart from it. – Proverbs 22:6

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I dunno…

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ss-dhs1 shut up


Er, ISIS. Er, ISIL, Er, Khorasan!



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Humorous and useful

Siblings and I have had a recurring conversation over the years – if a disaster occurred and you had to leave home, what would you grab as you were leaving? It’s a good question. My answer is always Mr. Brown and a bag of dried dog food. But it’s just yappin at the windmill (ouch) if one doesn’t have any dried dog food in a handy spot!

Gerard Vanderleun at American Digest recalls a particular Sunday morning…

The Go-Bag: “What does one wear to a truly stunning natural disaster?”

It all started in Laguna Beach when something went BUMP!ABOUT QUARTER TO NINE this serene Sunday morning, as I was sitting down and wondering what to write about, the house bumped me. One BUMP with the sound of “Thump!” as if a giant’s fist had given the floor a little love tap. And then… nothing. No rattle of plates and shuddering of books in the shelves. No rising hiss of gas lines pulled open. None of the sounds of panicked birds. Just one BUMP with a thump and then everything goes back to “Condition California Normal.”

Everything except me.

When you’ve recently had a number of homes 400 yards from you just wake up one morning and decided to take a slide down their hill, you tend to become just a wee bit oversensitive to your environment. That solid BUMP had me out of my chair and moving toward the front door with dedication. Once second, I’m sitting. Next second, I’m standing in the middle of the intersection looking up and down the streets. I’m paying special attention as to whether or not I can see any tall trees swaying on this windless morning. Nope. Nothing. But the birds agreed with me since they had, for once, shut up.

I also found myself standing in the intersection in my pajamas with bare feet. A neighbor dressed in a robe and boxer shorts came out on his third-floor balcony, wallet and keys in his hand.

“You feel that?” I asked.

“Oh, yeah. I see you did too.”

“Maybe,” I said, “we should get dressed.” Continue here.


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Obama to make decisions in war on ISIS. Will approve each strike

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We had heard earlier that Obama had his own drone “kill list”. Looks like he likes his finger on the trigger. That has really worked out swell by not listening to our military leaders in the past. What possibly could go wrong? A Community Organizer will fight the war on terror.

Via WSJ:

The president hasn’t yet given the green light for an attack on Islamic State militants in Syria, but the U.S. military campaign against the group there is being designed to allow President Barack Obama to exert a high degree of personal control–going so far as to require that the military obtain presidential signoff for strikes. The requirements for the strikes will be far more stringent than those targeting Islamic State in Iraq, at least at first. U.S. officials say it is an attempt to limit the threat the U.S. could be dragged more deeply into the…

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Marines to be disciplined in 5 – 4 – 3 – 2….

May I be wrong on this one. May I be wrong. In the meantimemay God watch over and bless our military!

“WND managing editor and “How Evil Works” author David Kupelian also commented: “It’s been said that it takes a religion to fight a religion. With the butchers of ISIS daily proclaiming that they are inspired, motivated and directed by their insane religion, it’s great to see members of the U.S. military proclaiming their faithfulness to the one true God.” 

And she (that would be me) says never, let a good opportunity to post the below go to waste!

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