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When they came for the Sheepdogs at Malheur

“NONE of the reasons NOT to get off the boat…change the fact that if I don’t, someone else will have to.”  Gypsy RavenWraithe A requiem for the III% and similarly minded patriots when they came for the sheepdogs at Malheur … Continue reading

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History need not be our teacher

America is obviously too lazy to study the past. No problem. The here and now is all the teacher one needs. H/T:  Moonbattery, The Federalist Papers, Blues Blog always good for truth as power

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petermc3 – “Frued asks if men can forget they are human?”

“Frued asks if men can forget they are human? Well from the Nazi’s to Stalin, to Tojo, to Mao, to Pol Pot, to Saddam, to Obama and Clinton, to Isis, this question has become little more than rhetorical. The question … Continue reading

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“We won’t stand for tyranny!” Tell it to gov after receiving your $2,344.00 “shared responsibility” demand for payment!

Taking the line from Moonbattery yesterday and changing it up slightly – If you can be forced by the government to pay thousands of dollars you don’t have because you couldn’t afford Obamacare or any other insurance – it would … Continue reading

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Waco bikers in the “land of the free”

Nine dead, 20 wounded, 177 incarcerated with significant bail required for release.  Do you note that the wounded have up until now always been reported as 18?  Though a good many of the bikers are out of jail, having managed … Continue reading

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