Can we agree this “supposed” leader of the free world is pure weasel?

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Free Syrian Army collaborates with ISIS and al-Nusra Front


U.S. officials confirmed on Monday the Obama administration has air dropped 112 pallets of ammunition to jihadist fighters in Syria.

CNN reports:

C-17s, accompanied by fighter escort aircraft, dropped small arms ammunition and other items like hand grenades in Hasakah province in northern Syria to a coalition of rebels groups vetted by the US, known as the Syrian Arab Coalition.
The Syrian Arab Coalition consists of Jaysh al-Thuwar, Euphrates Volcano, Al Sanadid Forces, Brigade Groups of al Jazira and other groups said to be associated with the Free Syrian Army (FSA).
In July Jaysh al-Thuwar denied it had a relationship with Jamal Maarouf, the military chief of the Syria Revolutionaries Front and leader of the Syrian Martyrs’ Brigade, both part of the FSA.

Maarouf told The Independent last year the fight against al-Qaeda was “not our problem” and…

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We won’t stand for tyranny! Or will we?

We have been (supporting tyranny) for a very long time.  Deny it if you will but the proof stares us in the face every single day – the king still sits on his throne.  Many speak out, but words don’t mean a thing.  Only action.

The Way Out – by Larken Rose – an excerpt –

Can the intricate schemes and deceptions of those in power be ended only when every member of the public fully understands those schemes and deceptions?  To put it bluntly, if achieving true freedom and justice requires the American people as a whole to be fully informed, philosophically enlightened and morally courageous, then we are doomed.

But we aren’t doomed. Fortunately, every authoritarian regime has an Achilles’ heel, a weakness which no amount of military might or clever conspiracies can make up for. In short, when the people as a whole stop imagining a moral obligation to obey and pay tribute to a ruling class, nothing in the world can keep that ruling class in power for long. When the people no longer imagine that there is something inherently wrong with disobeying the arbitrary commands of politicians (“breaking the law”) and no longer feel guilty if they try to avoid being robbed (“tax evasion”), then all the apparent strength of “the powers that be” evaporates into nothing.

Of course, if only a handful of people disobey and resist, the politicians’ mercenaries–soldiers and police–will make short work of them. But if even a large minority refuses to comply, refuses to surrender the fruits of their labor to the ruling class, even if they don’t lift a finger to actually fight back, the empire will crumble. This does not require any election or revolution, but it does require people letting go of their authoritarian indoctrination and reclaiming ownership of their own lives. Empires weaken and fall, not through voting or “working within the system,” but through the people no longer viewing their own subjugation as legitimate.

Read it all.  Then read it again.  Give it a lot of urgent consideration.  Or, continue to support your master while the walls continue to close in.


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Bill Whittle’s Solution To Gun Control

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How Washington Plays The Shell-Game

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With each day bringing geopolitical rivals, the United States and Russia, closer to the brink of an open military engagement in Syria and beyond, an eye-opening and accurate summary of the entire ordeal has finally come. Storm Clouds Gathering has released a short video that breaks down numerous indisputable facts which the corporate mainstream media have essentially attempted to keep hidden from the American public.


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CIA-ISIS Toyota Mystery Solved


Gov still thinks the people are “that” stupid.
OK, so one hell of a lot are.
What it does say to me is – gov is still somewhat concerned about the people getting un-stupid.

Gov has nothing to worry about.
There are plenty who know what is going on.
But there “they” still sit on the throne.

Unfortunately too many who actually do know still believe in the Election Fairy and think we are going to vote our way out of this.

We lose ground every single day we are not focused on putting a stop to this and instead dream that we can get back to that era when elections meant something.

99 bottles of beer on the wall, 99 bottles of beer – take one down, pass it around, 99 bottles of beer on the wall. 98 bottles of beer on the wall…………

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What Mystery?

Of course, much of this is not new information. So the question remains – why is the US Treasury just now carrying on with this transparent charade? Perhaps those in Washington believe that if the US government is the one asking this obvious question of how ISIS has managed to field such an impressive mechanized army in the middle of the Syrian desert, no one will suspect they had a role in it.

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Obama Threatens To Defund The Military We Don’t Set Muslim Terrorists Free


The number of “terrorists” still in Gitmo has to be awfully small as the king surreptitiously releases a hand-full here, hand-full there when he thinks no one is looking.
That aside – tyranny smiles – because – the people let it!

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Screen Shot 2013-11-29 at 3.29.04 PM

Barack Obama has no respect for the U.S. military, but what he did this time goes beyond insanity.

The Obama administration announced this week that the president plans to veto a defense authorization bill if it does not shut down Guantanamo Bay. According to Breitbart, White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest told reporters that the bill would be vetoed, “principally because…of the irresponsible way that it funds our national defense priorities, but also because of the efforts to prevent the closure [of] the prison at Guantanamo Bay.”

Earnest went on to say that Democrats would then back up Obama’s veto, and the defense bill that was meant to help our soldiers would die.

Mr. conservative commenting on the issue:

It’s sickening that Obama is using putting Muslim terrorists ahead of the wellbeing of American soldiers. His stance on Guantanamo shows that he would not hesitate to defend our national security…

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