John Boehner: So fools, you actually voted?

Illegal immigration. Yesterday Mitch McConnell caved to Harry Reid. Harry Reid said that’s not good enough, Boehner has to cave – give us a clean bill. Boehner said something like, we did our job, the Senate has to do theirs and blah blah blah.

Have you ever seen Boehner not cave? May not happen today – hell’s bells they have to put on a big show till Friday (when they can all slip out of town real fast after) is my guess – then at the last minute……

So. An Coulter wrote a piece a week ago which speaks specifically to Republican treason. Worth the read…..


Now that a federal judge has held Obama’s illegal executive amnesty unconstitutional, perhaps U.S. senators will remember that they swore to uphold the Constitution, too.

Back when they needed our votes before the last election, Republicans were hairy-chested warriors, vowing to block Obama’s unconstitutional “executive amnesty” — if only voters gave them a Senate majority. The resulting Republican landslide suggested some opposition to amnesty.

Heading into the election, college professor Dave Brat took out the sitting House majority leader and amnesty supporter Eric Cantor in a primary, despite being outspent 40-1. It was the greatest upset in history since the 1980 “Miracle on Ice” at the Lake Placid Olympics: Never before has a House majority leader been defeated in a primary. And Brat did it by an astonishing 55.5 percent to 45.5 percent.

Again, the voters seemed to be expressing disquiet with amnesty.

After that, even amnesty-supporting Sen. Lamar Alexander, R-Tenn., was denouncing Obama’s executive amnesty. “If the president were to do that,” he said, “and we have a Republican majority in the United States Senate, why, we have a number of options that we don’t now have to remind him to read Article I of the Constitution.”

Poll after poll showed Americans ranking illegal immigration as the No. 1 most important problem facing the nation. We haven’t changed our minds. Last week, an Associated Press-Gfk poll showed that Obama’s single most unpopular policy is his position on illegal immigration.

In other words, Obamacare is more popular than amnesty. That’s like losing a popularity contest to Ted Bundy.

Since at least 2006, voters have insistently told pollsters they don’t want amnesty. Seemingly bulletproof Republican congressmen have lost their seats over amnesty. President Bush lost the entire House of Representatives over amnesty. What else do we have to do to convince you we don’t want amnesty, Republicans? Make it a host on “The View”?

Her last sentence - “If a Republican majority in both houses of Congress can’t stop Obama from issuing illegal immigrants Social Security cards and years of back welfare payments, there is no reason to vote Republican ever again. ”

There is never a reason to vote again period, IMHO. The whole thing is here.

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Of illegal alien criminals

Originally posted on Cry and Howl:

Every time I hear a politician babbling “How can we tear apart families?”  referring to deporting illegal aliens who could be parents of those born here, it makes me sick. It’s typical of liberals and Democrats especially, to play on emotions to justify their propensity to break the law and/or do things which will harm the United States, but benefit themselves.

Let’s see … If a guy is married and has a couple of kids breaks into a neighbor’s home should his family be “torn apart” by sending him to prison for breaking and entering?  My thinking is if you don’t want your family torn apart, don’t break the law. But of course when you have a lawless president and lawless administration behind you, breaking the law means nothing.

Conservatives sent Obama and company a strong message the past election, retaining control of the House and taking control of the Senate…

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Hussein Obama’s Christian faith (?)

It falls rather far down on the Christian “lite” scale. If that. His quotes with regard to islam are enough to sink his ship any day of the week but more than a few people in this country would point elsewhere when responding to the question of – is Obama a Christian?

Matt Walsh
Scott Walker Was Too Nice. It’s Incredibly Obvious That Barack Obama Isn’t a Christian.

The thing above all else that really reveals his true faith (or lack thereof) is his undying passion for, support of, and belief in abortion.

There has never been a mainstream politician, much less a president, as vociferous about infanticide as this man. While a state senator, he supported every single piece of pro-abortion legislation he came across, earning a 100 percent grade from Planned Parenthood and NARAL. In his crowning “pro-choice” moment, he opposed a bill to protect infants born alive during an abortion. To be clear: he was, and by all accounts still is, in favor of executing infant children by decapitation or lethal injection if they manage to survive an abortion attempt. Any thought that he might have softened that position vanished during the Kermit Gosnell trial, when he refused to categorically condemn and denounce what Gosnell did.

Meanwhile, Obama has funneled more money to abortion clinics than any president before him, handing out billions (that’s billions, with a ‘b’) to Planned Parenthood during his time in office.

He has tried to legally require that abortifacients be covered by employer health plans, even forcing the mandate on nuns.

He took conscience rights away from hospital workers who might not want to be involved in an abortion procedure.

He’s forced taxpayers to pay for abortions overseas, and overturned prohibitions on international abortion funding in one of his very first acts as president.

He’s appointed pro-abortion judges and officials at every opportunity, and chose a radical pro-abortion feminist to head up Health and Human Services.

He’s said on multiple occasions that a woman’s ability to live a successful life hinges on her access to abortion, even marking the occasion of the March For Life by issuing a statement calling abortion an essential ingredient in a woman’s quest to fulfill her dreams.

He hasn’t been merely pro-abortion; this has in fact been the one cause he’s consistently trumpeted and advanced during the course of not just his presidency, but his entire life as a public official.

And, possibly most damning of all, in what I believe is the quintessential and, though this is saying a lot, the most despicable moment of his horrible, deadly reign, he attended a Planned Parenthood fundraiser (first president to do that) where he wished for God to bless the abortionists in attendance (not bless them that they may repent, but bless them that they may continue their genocidal mission).

Now we are left to look upon these bloody fruits, and as Jesus commanded, figure out what we know about him by them. More here.

If I remember correctly this baby is about 23 weeks old. The consciousness demonstrated here as he/she plays leaves no question of – is this a human?

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How to win enemies and lose friends – Jordan

Jihad Watch - Jordan furious over Pentagon leak on secret anti-Islamic State training camp

The Pentagon let slip that one of its training camps to help fight Islamic State terrorists is in Jordan — information the pro-U.S. kingdom had specifically requested be kept private, and the latest gaffe in a series of sensitive leaks coming out of the Department of Defense.In order to hide its flub, which was first announced to reporters during a briefing last week, the Pentagon has scrubbed its public transcripts of any mention of the training camp. Read here.

Flub? Is that anything like a “bump in the road” that could have huge consequences on people’s lives?

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Is it good for you America? The feds maintaining a psychological dossier on your child? #SETRA

From Grumpy Elder -

The Elementary and Secondary Act Re authorization bills now in front of both houses of Congress do nothing to limit the Department of Education..Just the opposite, they could have been written by Jeb Bush, Bill Gates and the Chamber of Commerce. They will effectively cement Common Core into law. Worse they’ll add to the federal governments already UnConstitutional data harvesting scheme..

The bills are being rushed through both Houses concurrently to try and get them passed and reconciled before parents have a chance to react and make their voices heard..

There’s no doubt Obama will sign the finial bill.. and Common Core will effectively be the law of the land..Court challenges will be limited because parents and anti core organizations will be told they have no standing..Nullification won’t work because the states won’t risk federal funding…

Read here – Critical Information/Impending Congressional Vote Regarding Student Data Collection: S227 ‘Strengthening Education through Research Act’

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VA Secretary Robert McDonald Tells Vets He Was In Special Forces – He Wasn’t…


What the hell do they put in Washington’s water?!?

Originally posted on The Last Refuge:

Weird story and even more weird explanation/apology. Ego, I guess.

Robert McDonald(Via The Hill) Secretary of Veterans Affairs Robert McDonald falsely claimed that he served in a military special forces unit, he admitted to the Huffington Post.

When a homeless veteran told McDonald in a conversation captured by CBS that he had served in special forces, the head of the VA replied that he had, too. The conversation aired during a CBS News story chronicling how the agency is working to house homeless veterans.

“I have no excuse,” McDonald told The Huffington Post. “I was not in special forces.”

He added that he “reacted spontaneously” and “wrongly [with] no intent in any way to describe my record as any different than it is.”

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Can we get a consensus on that mall threat?

Well, no. No, it seems we cannot. According to Joshie all Earnest White House spokesperson, the intelligence community says it ain’t so, there is no credible threat. Jeh Johnson of Homeland Security (obviously not in intelligence though we could have told anyone that) on the other hand warns that there is a threat but he believes Americans are still free to “associate” in public places! BUT – ya better watch your backs! Nice cross messaging there!

Of course it could just be from “independent actors” (that’s you and me) and oh by the way – give me my funding!

One could look at this as just government boobs.  One (JJ) ran away with a theme on the Sunday talk shows and  the second (press secretary) had to correct the first (JJ) lest we have a panicked public – I don’t.  What I said yesterday“Terrorists do terrorism. They terrorize! Part and partial to that is we must be made very afraid!” Our government works diligently at keeping America very, very afraid. Tell me – which of the two messages below made the main stream media?

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