RAPE – Nothin to see here folks – move along

Coming to America….today – yesterday – tomorrow….

1/19/16 Cracking Down On Talk Of ‘Rapefugees,’ Facebook Has Become The World’s Most Dangerous Censor

1/21/16 German police release ‘without charge’ a gang of Muslim savages who gang-raped a 13-year-old girl for 30

1/21/16 GERMANY: Swimming pool forced to lift ban on Muslim male migrant rapists just 24 hours after four children were molested by Muslim migrants

1/17/16 After sexual assault reports asylum seekers not allowed in German city’s public pool

1/21/16 New Terror Threat: Organized Rape – Sweden: Watch “refugees” demanding sex on the street

1/15/16 Montreal: Muslim immigrant who extorted sex from teens pleads guilty to 24 charges

1/14/16 Ezra Levant Show: Canadian media silent about Muslim serial rapist

1/11/16 NEW YORK CITY: What they won’t tell you about the rising rape rates of female passengers by taxi drivers

1/11/16 Woman in Cologne Germany dragged into subway by migrants (video)

1/10/16 American Women… And The Joys Of Obama’s Rapefugees

1/10/16 Europe Braces Itself For Terrorism As Germany And Other Countries Experience Sexual Jihad Firsthand From Rapefugees

1/9/16 Groping Jihad in Cologne

1/7/16 Cologne assailants ‘ threatened victims & witnesses (video)

1/7/16 Muslim Attacks on Women Throughout Germany

1/4/16 Cologne Police Chief Condemns Sex Assaults on New Year’s Eve

12/29/15 ISIS ‘FATWA’ On Female Sex Slaves Tells Militants How And When They Can Rape Captured Women And Girls

12/24/15 Facebook Censors Story About ‘Refugee’ Raping Swedish Woman

12/31/15 The Islamization of Britain in 2015 – Sex Crimes, Jihadimania and “Protection Tax”

12/21/15 Germany – The scramble to acquire weapons comes amid an indisputable nationwide spike in migrant-driven crime, including rapes of German women and girls on a shocking scale

12/20/15 ISIS Selling Yazidi Women and Children in Turkey – “Some of those women and girls have had to watch 7-, 8-, and 9-year-old children bleed to death before their eyes, after being raped by ISIS militia multiple times a day.”

9/15/11 Ann Barnhardt: “Islamic Sexuality [A Survey of Evil]” – video

12/11/15 Muslim Migrant Rapes US Woman While Chanting Allahu Akbar – Local Media Give Platform to Rapist Family….

12/2/15 Muslim immigrants gang rape elderly Colorado woman in horrific ways.

9/25/15 Rape in the Name of Honor

11/10/15 Keighley girl was raped by 14 men in 13 months

11/10/15 WILL EUROPE TURN A BLIND EYE? Muslim paedophiles posing as refugees are bringing their child brides with them to Europe

11/8/15 Sweden is being raped to death while being bled dry by an insurgency of welfare-dependent Muslim migrants

11/6/15 LONDON: Recent Algerian Muslim immigrant to UK carries out 6 sexual assaults and 2 exposures in 10 days

9/8/14 14 Year Old Escapes Rape and Forced Marriage by ISIS

10/30/14 Rape Culture In Iran

11/6/15 The headmaster explained away tafsningarna: “Boys will be boys” – then raped Ali his classmate on the playground

11/20/15 Teen girl raped by 5 Syrian migrants

11/6/15 Teens sentenced for rape in central Stockholm

Rape and the Islamist Doctrine That Allows It