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The last hours at Burns/Malheur wildlife refuge

“Hats off to Gavin, Nathan, Kris Anne and the whole crew for helping bring this to a peaceful end and for carrying the torch of Liberty.”

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I want Donald Trump nailed to the cross of his beliefs at every opportunity!

Part of the conversation going on at the Conservative Tree House in the comments section is this concern – Justice_099: Trump needs to be careful not to let the left define his entire campaign as against illegal immigration. You know … Continue reading

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Infamously we heard once before – ‘What difference does it make’ – Now Russia sells defense missiles to Iran

Hussein Obama no longer draws lines in the sand. We are past that don’t ya know? If Russia wants to sell defense missiles to Iran – well – he’s just surprised it took them this long and very clearly we … Continue reading

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Hussein Obama: Like you, I am just now learning thru the media that Iran and North Korea plan EMP attacks on the United States. You have Michelle and my deepest sympathy.

Note from our lawyers – “That is not an actual quote.” From Conservative Byte – Iran endorses nuclear EMP attack on United States Obama would let them do this and blame Bush: Suspected for years of plotting to dismantle the … Continue reading

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What’s up with kissing Iran’s ass?

We are all Iranians now, right? Is that it? At Michelle Obama’s Mirror – And then, after that already really awful terrible bad week, the White House further humiliated itself by threatening to stop supporting Israel at the UN Security … Continue reading

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Did you ever hear anyone say “The future must not belong to those who slander The Savior”?

That was a question posed to me by Bob Montgomery on an earlier post and my answer was – “no, never.” We are being trained to become good little muslims by the heads of our own countries and we will … Continue reading

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TV destined for the toilet!

My current TV is probably ten or more years old. I suspect it is not nearly as “smart” as the new c*** coming out. It’s only purpose is to periodically watch a movie and weekend sports for spouse.  Potentially it … Continue reading

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