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When they came for the Sheepdogs at Malheur

“NONE of the reasons NOT to get off the boat…change the fact that if I don’t, someone else will have to.”  Gypsy RavenWraithe A requiem for the III% and similarly minded patriots when they came for the sheepdogs at Malheur … Continue reading

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LaVoy Finicum – Clinton – Putin – You know where this is going folks….

“Is uranium at the heart of the Oregon Malheur federal-protestor standoff? That’s the question I’m asking. It isn’t a flippant question.”  Jon Rappaport MORE! Mojave Desert Patriot – Jon Rappoport – Comments section The Conservative Treehouse – Western Rifle Shooters Association

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The last hours at Burns/Malheur wildlife refuge

“Hats off to Gavin, Nathan, Kris Anne and the whole crew for helping bring this to a peaceful end and for carrying the torch of Liberty.”

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Consequences of using your 1st Amendment in America today – part 2

From Nevada State Personnel Watch And what will you do when they come for you?  Curious minds just want to know.  

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Paying last respects to LaVoy Finicum

Turn the sound off, you don’t need it.

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I feel a need to repeat this before I go…

From Razorbacker at Deth Guild – Going Dark For A Spell “I’ve been on my knees, in the muck and mire, the stench in my nostrils. I’ll stand.” “Unbeatable forces force me again down, but again I stand. Pain hurts, … Continue reading

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Shawna Cox – the second woman in Finicums truck – lost her son to this “operation”

I am dumbstruck.  This whole story just makes you sick – then at the 22 minute mark in the video we find that as a result of this operation her son-in-law is killed.  Two murders, not one.

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