“after I break their unconstitutional laws”

Excerpts from a speech given by Mike Vanderboegh of Sipsey Street Irregulars on April 20th in Hartford, Conn.  Defy, Resist, Evade, Smuggle

An unconstitutional law is void.  The tricky point is how do we make that point when the local, state, and federal, executive and legislative branches, as well as the courts are in the hands of the domestic enemies of the constitution?

If they catch you violating their unconstitutional laws they will, when they please, send armed men to work their will upon you.  And people, innocent of any crime save the one these tyrants created, will die resisting them.  And yet, despite the cost, these unconstitutional laws must be resisted – for if not now, when?  And if not us, who?

 Just like King George, such people will not care, nor modify their behavior, by what you say, no matter how loudly, nor in what numbers you say it.  They will only pay attention to what you do.  So defy them, resist these laws, evade them, smuggle in what they command you not to have! 

Only by our acts will they be impressed.  Then if they mean to have a civil war they will at least have been informed of the unintended consequences of their tyrannical actions.

Again I say, defy, resist, evade, smuggle, if you wish to stay free.


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