Why I no longer sleep in my husband’s bed…. lan astaslem

The below post was re-blogged this morning at PumaBydesign001’s site.   How she even has a life I don’t know but she writes daily and finds others work all worth reading. 

Addressing the piece she wrote – A worthy post to be shared amongst bloggers as there are those days when we sometimes feel tired. This post reminds us as to why we do that which we do. Think that I will hold on to this post, archive it and revisit on those days that I am feeling worn down”

Despite our sleepless nights (she and I have that in common) all is right in our personal worlds.  Not to worry. 

To Hussein Obama et frackin al – lan astaslem!

Dave Hodges at True Activist –  Some Of The Sheep Are No Longer Asleep  –  Excerpt:

The world is finally beginning to wake up to the global tyranny that is threatening all of humanity. In the past two months I have heard from people that I have not heard from or seen for 10-20 years. I have heard from former players, students, friends and neighbors.

Several people contacting out of my distant past may not sound significant, but I had zero expectation of hearing from any of these people again. And all of the contacts were motivated by their concern for the decimation of our Republic and my work towards reversing the trend curve.

Sometimes as I pound away at my keyboard in the middle of the night, I wonder if I am making a difference with regard to awakening the multitude of sheep in this country. Frequently, I have wondered if any of us are making a real difference. Yet, I have met so many gifted morally upstanding people in our Patriot movement. The majority of the people in the alternative media, too many to mention, have talent, charisma, intelligence, education, a love of God and country and are only motivated by the desire to live in a society which is governed by people who want to help their fellow man, not to enslave them.

I am very gratified to say that my personal barometer says that after a long battle, the journalists in the truthful media are beginning to reach a critical mass of influence.

In the classic book written by Malcom Gladwell, The Tipping Point, he postulates what it takes to get an idea to go viral. True to Gladwell’s premises, we in the alternative media have dramatically increased our contact base and our subsequent reach.

Just Who Is the Alternative Media?

One does not have to maintain a website or host a talk show to have an effect in the war on corruption and tyranny. I have met several people on Facebook who share articles that they identify with and they send these articles to scores of people. Many of these same people will also write an accurate and succinct summary of world events in a paragraph or two, insert a clever picture, which serves to enhance the meaning, and then send it on. They, too, comprise the alternative media.

I am simply awestruck at the reach that we are acquiring in the alternative media. We are having a dramatic impact and the effect is incredible given the fact that we are demonized in the MSM and the globalists control 98% of the corporate media. And, yet, America is still waking up.

All of us, whether we write, broadcast, share on Facebook or simply educate our neighbors and friends, should all take a look in the mirror and pat ourselves on the back because we are being successful in the first step towards taking our country back, which is to awaken the sleeping masses.

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4 Responses to Why I no longer sleep in my husband’s bed…. lan astaslem

  1. Nick says:


  2. bydesign001 says:

    Not to worry indeed my friend. Lol. And to think I just purchased a Nook HD to carry with me in my travels. I chalk it up to the boring socialists here in New York and an excuse to shut them out.

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