So what do we do? – Four steps…

There are no solutions without there being ideas first.  Printed entirely from Ann Barnhardt’s post of 5/12/13

But Ann! If having superfun social gatherings isn’t really an effective way to fight evil, what can we possibly, possibly do?

Just off the top of my head:

1. Media strike

(A few of you have done this, but as a percentage it is miniscule. We must have our TV! We must watches our showses and our sportses. We can’t lives withouts it, precious.)

2. Tax strike


But, but, but the IRS will come after me!

Do you read the news, sweetie? THE IRS IS GOING TO COME AFTER YOU ANYWAY. Knowing what we know now about the IRS intentionally targting conservative groups as policy, do I now think that it is possible that my IRS audit which was initiated six weeks after I went viral with my koran burning was malicious and not coincidental? Yes. It is possible.

You people have got to stop living in fear. You cannot win if you are constantly trying to play defense and refuse to ever, ever, ever make any offensive moves. Just stop and think about it. How can an army that takes NO offensive tactical measures ever win a war?

3. General strike / work stoppages

This comes after the mass tax strike, not before, because it is collaterally harmful to the public. But let’s be frank, you people can’t even cancel your cable feed, so why bother talking about this?

4. Armed resistance and counter-revolution

This would require executing tactics one through three first, and a modicum of masculinity in the culture, so … yeah. I’m not holding my breath. So long as the flickerbox is pumping the agitporn, and so long as Mickey D’s is slinging the burgers and Coke, Amerika will be sated.

Tomorrow will be a nationwide protest at IRS centers.  This is good, is not mentioned in Ann’s suggestions.  I would love to see this same protest done every week.  Not just tomorrow.  Every week. 

Ann’s suggestion #2 doesn’t work because we don’t have time to wait for the next tax “due” date.  Hussein O is working much too fast for that.

That leaves us with #1 & #3 – before 4 – which is going to be bad.  Time to go to work peoples.


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