Under The Sharia “Saw” – American Women On The Front Line’s

This article posted is about Iran.

It seems they have a nice little tool used to met out punishment for those who break their laws.  They have gotten more sophisticated, now using a big ol electric saw to cut off fingers and who knows what all else.

How wide spread (other ME countries) is this tool used and would our soldiers, male or female, be subject to this type punishment if captured?  Can’t answer either question.

What I do know is, Sharia Law is Sharia Law and anyone who thinks Americans will not be involved in more conflicts in the ME, probably for forever, just has their heads in the sand.

I am putting up one picture from the article and link to the UK MailOnline story here -> The Sharia Saw:  The terrifying device Iran uses to cut off criminals’ fingers.  You can read if you have the stomach.  I could only take so much and had to back away for the moment.

Disturbing: The series of pictures shows three masked officials holding the man's right hand in a vice while one operates the rotary saw


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3 Responses to Under The Sharia “Saw” – American Women On The Front Line’s

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    • LadyRavenSDC says:

      I have changed all that. ROP now stands for Religion of POWER as bowed down to by our politicians. islam is POS. No explanation necessary.

  2. And here, in America, we call Islam “the religion of peace” and Christians are regarded as lunatics. Hmmm.

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