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To die on the cross of Hussein Obama

  From Moonbattery – ‘Iran Czar’ tells Congress nuke deal prohibits congress from restricting terrorist visas – “Senior Obama administration officials are expressing concern that congressional attempts to tighten laws preventing terrorists from entering the United States could violate the … Continue reading

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Planet earth harboring those who take up more oxygen than they deserve!

Yeah. I said “deserve” because this level of abject ignorance is harmful to the rest of us!

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June 6th, 2013 “Speak Your Mind About Islam Day”

My jury duty schedule today does not allow me to truly speak my mind about the devils own ideology.  There is no better spokesperson (or resource) on the subject than CreepingSharia and so am tapping CS for this effort. Video … Continue reading

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Under The Sharia “Saw” – American Women On The Front Line’s

This article posted is about Iran. It seems they have a nice little tool used to met out punishment for those who break their laws.  They have gotten more sophisticated, now using a big ol electric saw to cut off … Continue reading

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For All The Shaima’s Out There

The young muslim woman, Nessrriinn, who wrote this and many other poems critical of islam, disappeared several years ago.  You see, criticizing islam and mohammad will get one killed.  If she has surfaced again I do not know – but … Continue reading

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