Nailed To The Cross of Obama’s Unfulfilled Expectations

Jim Campbell, in a post Wednesday at AChargingElephant, questioned why we have stayed in Afghanistan these ten years. If you buy what many of us have, and what J.C. put words to –After the initial nights of the war when the mountains of Tora Bora were non stop bombed by bunker busting lazar guided Daisy Cutters few al Qaeda would have survived” that Osama very likely died in those mountains then why are we still there? Even if one believes Osama has lived all these years and died as Barack Obama wishes us to believe, the question needs to be addressed! Why are we still there?

During the Bush administration it is conceivable we stayed to nation build. But what is Obama’s excuse for staying? It’s the “good war?” It’s the “just war?”

Perhaps it has something to do with his personal signature on Afghanistan. December 1, 2009, West Point. “Remarks by the President in Address to the Nation on the Way Forward in Afghanistan and Pakistan”

“As your Commander-in-Chief, I owe you a mission that is clearly defined, and worthy of your service. And that’s why, after the Afghan voting was completed, I insisted on a thorough review of our strategy.”

“we will pursue the following objectives within Afghanistan. We must deny al Qaeda a safe haven. We must reverse the Taliban’s momentum and deny it the ability to overthrow the government. And we must strengthen the capacity of Afghanistan’s security forces and government so that they can take lead responsibility for Afghanistan’s future.”


And then there is this – J.C. – “Perhaps it was the very clear signal sent by the Obama administration that they were not in the war to win it but to cut and run to appease God knows at this time whom?” My personal opinion is this is a desired outcome certainly, bonus if you will, but secondary to what I believe is Obama’s primary goal.

Anyone who has studied Obama’s not so hidden past could now perhaps come to the same conclusion I have. It isn’t who he wanted to appease, but who he wanted to please. And that would be Barack Obama, Sr.

All of this fundamentally changing America crap has roots in his father’s desire to see the power and wealth of the “colonists” diminished. How? Demoralize. Humiliate. How better than to leave our military men and women in harms way so they can be gunned down not by the Taliban but by the very people we train to counter the Taliban, the Afghan Army. You do not know American’s very well Mr. Obama. This escalating situation is not setting well with the American public nor with the families of the soldiers who are being outright murdered.

The Obama message to our military is – YOU are not all that the folks back home say you are. To the American public the white flag of cut and run says – YOUR military is not all it was cracked up to be! Your sons and daughters are failures, just like you!

To the father who said to the son – You are not good enough, strong enough, smart enough – and then bailed on him and his mother it says – Look Dad! I am good, and strong, and smart enough to bring the great Satan to it’s knees! I fulfilled your dream! Right Dad? Huh Dad? Did I do good Dad?

Harry Chapins song “Cats In the Cradle” does not follow the storyline of BHO’s life but we all know that very often an emotional cripple is left behind when parents desert a child. In Obama’s mind I am sure had his father not hit a tree in a drunken stupor they would have eventually reunited and become very best buds working together, father and son, to downsize America. But the song does serve to point out thru just basic psychology how his father’s dreams would become his own. “I’m gonna be like you Dad, you know I’m gonna be like you.”

Obama would be nothing more than just pathetic if he were not responsible for many good soldiers dying, and for what? The mental giant that is supposedly Barack Hussein Obama is really nothing more than a psychologically impaired murderer trying to please daddy.

When our troops are nailed to the cross of Obama’s stunted, unfulfilled childhood expectations I say – lets bring our finest home – and come November lets remove this son of a bitch traitor from office. Please!



Dinesh D-Souza – We are all shaped by our pasts, and we carry elements of the past into the future but we have to be careful because nothing can rob the future quite as much as the debts of the past.  2016 Obama’s America


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7 Responses to Nailed To The Cross of Obama’s Unfulfilled Expectations

  1. Nick says:

    Please send me an email; I have something you may be interested in which relates to this article. It’s a screenshot from a book I’ve been reading on Kindle, about the Allies fighting in the desert in WWII – if you email me I’ll attach the jpeg & send it back to you & you can see what you think.

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  3. Jacqueline Spradling says:

    Very good.  Well written.


  4. 1389AD says:

    A mature human being is one who has learned not to follow in the footsteps of the unworthy. That obviously includes one’s parents. One should be able to honor one’s father and mother without feeling compelled to repeat their sins.

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