Go Ahead Guys – Make My Day!

A new video from Toots Sweet, a classic from Joe Dan Gorman, and a newbie – The Voters.  Powerful music for “We The People.”



@TheVotersMusic  – h/t @2ndAmndmntUSA  –  Patriots Corner


And, a comment from howardfrombroward in a post dissecting which is better – the Remington 700 or the Winchester 70 which is ongoing @ The Anti-Idiotarian Rottweiler

“if you cleverly rearrange the letters in ‘president obama declared martial law and indefinitely suspended the elections’ you get ‘arrogant marxist asshole dumbo ears is getting the heave ho by a pissed off citizenry and the nra will make sure the will of our free american people is upheld.’

It just doesn’t get any better in my books!  I’ll put my feet up with these gun tote’n bible clingers any day! Me thinks a drop or two of whisky in a jar in order.  Join me?

   …..      …

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3 Responses to Go Ahead Guys – Make My Day!

  1. PatriotUSA says:

    Stealing, thievery and jug of rum for you.

    Steal me blind anytime, I like it and approve!

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