Benghazi Cover-UP Day 117


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2 Responses to Benghazi Cover-UP Day 117

  1. jeromeennis says:

    I just read a story on Politico about Stanley McChrystal’s memoirs about to be published, and I had this to say about the article. General Stanley McChrystal resigned from his post in Afghanistan and from the army after 34 years of honorable and courageous service. He retired because he had major disagreements with the Obama Regime and the rules of engagement given our soldiers that is getting them killed without the ability to defend themselves. McChrystal was basically being told that he nor anybody else could disagree with or make any disparaging remarks about Obama and his leadership, or in this case, lack of leadership. Rolling Stone Magazine did a story on the war as they went along with some of our Afghani Warriors doing an interview, and some of the men commented on the way Obama was directing the war and not giving proper support to U.S. troops. McChrystal was supposed to be replaced due to this disagreement which is held by the majority our our military today, but now, they have been kowed and silenced by this Dictatorial Regime formed under Obama. The following are my comments on that article:

    “If you all do not see by now that we have become a Fascist Dictatorship, which has been evolving for the past 5 decades, and has been totally implemented and cemented under the Obama Regime, where no Opposition is Allowed or Tolerated. The very simple definition of Fascism is “Absolute Dictatorial Rule with No Opposition Allowed.” Obama has made this clear and our congress, courts and media have acquiesced and conceded that Obama has the Right To Be A Dictator. He has said as much himself. After he ordered the air strikes, monetary and military support for the terrorists who overthrew Libya’s government and executed Moamar Khadafi, Obama’s Secretary of Defense, Leon Panetta, told the congress when he was questioned as to where Obama’s Authority to order these acts of war without following “Constitutional Law” which states that Congress must be advised of and approve such actions. Panetta told the congressional commitee that “Obama received orders and authority from NATO and the United Nations, and that Obama did not have to make congress a part of the discussion, and that if he did, it was not because he had to , but because he may or may not discuss or inform them of his actions.” That means that Obama has become Emperor Dictator and is answerable to nobody. If this does not concern you, then welcome to the United Socialist States Of America, which is Totalitarian Communism. It is my aim to inform as many as I can and to replace the entire congress, and the current politicos in the Democrat Party and the Traitorous Mealy Mouthed Republicans. The time to fight for this country is NOW or NEVER!! Find and Promote True Patriots who Love this country and who Will Defend the United States Constitution which is the Absolute Rule of Law and not Obama’s Dictatorial Actions.

    • LadyRavenSDC says:

      As we know, his ruling thumb goes even further than this. By the end of the month he plans on making significant changes to gun ownership.
      The updated House list in my tab section will be “some” help in writing them. I identified who voted for HR 8, that will be a starter for those to be aware of.

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