A lesson in Islam

Cry and Howl

Good morning folks! After the barbaric attacks in Paris predictably Obama and the liberal major media began spewing pro-terror drivel. In a effort to convince us to welcome into America our ‘fair share’ of terrorists we’re told denying sanctuary to them would be un-American and is “not who we are.” Don’t you love it when Obama who is the clear and present danger to America defines who we are, or who we should be? The ass-clown-in-chief regards the attacks in Paris as a bump in the road, or ” a terrible and sickening setback.”  A ‘setback’ for what is anyone’s guess.
An article in the Daily Mail says,

Obama insisted his goal is to ‘reduce the flow of foreign fighters’ streaming into ISIS’s sphere of influence by addressing the root causes of the terror organization’s growth.
‘That’s what we did with al-Qaeda,’ he boasted.

I’m wondering if that’s the same al-Qaeda that Hillary…

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