Hillary bikes her way to the White House!

In keeping with her attempts to be seen as one of, or champion of, the little people, I offer the above headline.

Now, back to the reality of an absolutely bizarre “campaign speech” delivered to a room of reporters – and bikes – where some media fool asks a predetermined question and Hillary responds with an answer reading from her notes the whole time.

Only politicians, aided by a compliant media, could make this stuff up and then present it to the public as an event.

An absolute must read from The Conservative Tree House – “That’s Creepy Weird” – Hillary Clinton Gives Climate Policy Speech In Empty Room With No Audience…

Michael Dixon in comments section at CTH: It’s like a movie set. She’s an actress. Everyone there is a member of the cast and crew. Her scripted comments are as empty as the room. It’s a matrix of lies, obfuscation, imagery and propaganda. To a population mesmerized by images and sounds on TV screens, movie screens, computers and smart phones, the production is absorbed without thought or question. Hillary herself looks as if she doesn’t believe her own words. I was waiting for the director to command: Once more, with feeling.

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2 Responses to Hillary bikes her way to the White House!

  1. marblenecltr says:

    (Sarc., I didn’t have to say that, but for the sake of formality expected, I did.)
    HRC displayed great management skills in that demanding press conference, abilities in both money management and using that harsh interrogator. Obviously, the room was rented for that short period of time at a much lower rate than would be demanded by any hotel in which she would enter, and the questioning by one person saved time and money.

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