“Supposedly, this Paris cop took a bullet to the head.” – #CharlieHebdo

Battlefield USA – 1/7/15  Sure about that?

I’ve played it over and over again, repeat after repeat in full window from 11 seconds to 13 seconds… color me dubious.

Supposedly, this Paris cop took a bullet to the head.

Just a note. I am expecting to some exit splatter, some carry along through the exit wound. I just don’t see it. You can see a bullet impact on the pavement, and we are assuming that the bullet traveled through this mans head. Anyhow, not saying it didn’t happen. But I am curious about it.

Battlefield USA – 1/9/15 Dubiousness…

The blood on the ground…”has been put there???”

Are we to take this literally, or attribute it to a misspoken statement? It would certainly fit with the lack of blood seen in video and images released of the actual shooting.

The weird just got weirder. What is going on here?

Decide for yourselves.

Surely does leave a lot of questions unanswered don’t it now?

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