The 9/11 Memorial Museum was dedicated today

You will pardon me if I do not link any of the MSM stories here, nor demean the memory of those who died and those who have sacrificed, with a video of our king blessing the site. 

You will forgive me possibly for saying – there stands the symbol of America’s decline, and it represents exactly what those who tore those buildings down wished for.  They celebrate tonight as they did on that terrible day.

More important to understand, the building blocks of that memorial are awash in the negligence of We, the People, and we now stand facing an enemy not from without, but from within.

From Dr. Robert Owens’ post today on Why Liberty Dies

Liberty is being eaten away inch by inch and day by day, legislated, and regulated into oblivion. When our government can’t pass laws or impose regulations they will utilize the IRS, the NSA or anyone of a hundred of their alphabet agencies to spy on us or intimidate us into silence. Common Core is coming for the kids. Amnesty is coming for the jobs. Political Correctness is coming for free speech.

Unless patriots stand-up the country will fall. It will still be called the United States of America. People will still say the pledge of Allegiance. They will still sing the national anthem and salute the flag but will it be the same country that our forefathers fought and died for? Will it still be the land of the free and the home of the brave? Or will it be something else: a place where the rule of law once protected its citizens from the rule of men until the laws of men overwhelmed the laws of nature and of nature’s God?

It is too late to shed tears for what we have manifested.  We have gotten exactly what we were willing to fight for.  Nothing more, and nothing less.  A beautiful memorial with an inscription somewhere within that I am sure reads – Never Forget.  And we won’t.  Not the near three thousand victims, not their families, not those who sacraficed their lives that day to try to rescue others, not our military and their families who have given everything.

But, regrettably, we  went along our merry way and forgot that we too must be Keepers of the Oath – that freedom, liberty, is not free.  It is everybody’s job and time is no longer on our side.  We stand at the precipice of “a scary world where tyranny reigns and liberty is buried in an unmarked grave.” 

“Why does liberty die?  Because the people allow it.”

Will we?  Further allow it?



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