The Battle For Bundy Ridge – the who and the why

As said before – peel enough layers from the onion and you get to the core, the nucleus.

From Renew America Who owns the West?

It’s a fair question. The federal government claims ownership of most of the western states. Why?In eleven western states, the federal government claims ownership of more than 50% of the land. Utah intends to get its land back. Utah’s HR148, recently signed into law by the Governor, tells the federal government that federal land in Utah, other than specified national parks, monuments, and wilderness areas, will be taken by eminent domain by the state of Utah if it has not been transferred to the state by the end of 2014.

Democrats and environmental organizations say this Law is an exercise in futility, a waste of time. Republicans and producers believe that Utah was granted statehood on an “equal footing” with the original states. “Equal footing” means that the federal government should own no land in the state of Utah, since none of the original states contained land owned by the federal government. Republicans and business leaders contend that this is exactly what the term means. Democrats and environmentalists disagree.

In 1894, two years before Utah became a state, Congress enacted an “Enabling Act.” This act says that:

“…the people inhabiting said proposed State do agree and declare that they forever disclaim all right and title to the unappropriated public lands lying within the boundaries thereof; ….” (Section 3)

In the very next section, the act says that:

“…the proposed State of Utah shall be deemed admitted by Congress into the Union, under and by virtue of this act, on an equal footing with the original States….” (Section 4)

It cannot be both ways. Chances are very good that the Supreme Court will have to resolve this conflict sooner or later. Utah is definitely moving forward with every intention of declaring eminent domain over those lands that the federal government now claims. Continue here.

From Pro LibertateThe Cliven Bundy Standoff: Wounded Knee Revisited?

Both articles H/T Battlefield USA


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  2. jay352 says:

    Excellent article. I have a feeling that this may get a little out of hand.

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