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“The Next Gen” – should they survive “This Gen”

Setting aside my cynicism and doubt, doubt, doubt, doubt, doubt, doubt, doubt, oh I seriously have my doubts – these videos speak to parenting.  From experience, I know it requires a lot from us.  As it should.     H/T Moonbattery … Continue reading

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Can we agree this “supposed” leader of the free world is pure weasel?

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The pure EVIL that is Common Core and the undeniable connection to Jeb Bush

Note to Jeb – deny all you want when convenient.  Embrace as you will when convenient.  An observation:  What soul you might have seems (IMHO) on a rather perilous course. GrumpyElder – Common Core, the Bush Klan, Damned Lies and … Continue reading

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Matt Walsh – “Another day, another stomach-churning video, another yawn from the media and the Left.” #WomenBetrayed – #DefundPP

Hope ‘n Change Saturday my husband and I participated in the protest against Planned Parenthood in our area.  The turnout was impressive.  I have two observations:  Of about five hundred people there, the breakdown was something like 60% white, 40% … Continue reading

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Hussein Obama Giving Turkey the Green Light to Bomb Former US Soldiers Fighting ISIS… Jester @th3j35t3r

H/T Jester – So the big Q is why is the White House labeling those fighting ISIS as terrorists, yet incapable of labeling ISIS the same? From Jim Hoft at Gateway Pundit – STUNNING=> Obama Gives Turkey Green Light to … Continue reading

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Parenting 101 vs diplomacy, sanctions, and non-existent inspections – Iran

Any parent worth his or her salt understands tough love and the consequences of using it or not using it with children. In raising my son, having him love me was more important than having him respect me. Consequently when … Continue reading

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Hussein Obama’s surrender to Iran

From Richard at Hyscience – Obama’s So-Called Framework Agreement A Lie – No ‘There’ There Clearly, in Obama’s mind it isn’t lying when he thinks something’s good for us … as was the case when he told us on numerous … Continue reading

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