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POP goes the weasel! SURPRISE! The “US took 67% of the refugees resettled around the world in 2014!”

And you knew that, right? From Refugee Resettlement Watch – UN Dispatch: Top 4 countries in the world for refugees  –  If you haven’t yet had a chance to look at the State Department’s report on the Proposed Refugee Admissions … Continue reading

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American women speak on the Islamic conquest of America

Ann Barnhardt – MANPADs, Hillary, Benghazi, Chris Stevens and 224 Dead Russians Do I think ISIS (the New Caliphate) probably shot down that Russian jet?  Yeah. I sure do. It is highly, highly probable that the Russian jetliner was shot … Continue reading

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American barometer – Hillary prompted my thoughts about survival

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“A boss who can imprison and torture at will is richer than the richest businessman.”

We have long and erroneously stated that if one just follows the money we would find the seat of evil, injustice, corruption.  More correct would be – Follow the Power!  Our “poor” POTUS doesn’t find $400K annually enough.  Obviously, it … Continue reading

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“Hillary for President 2016” OWNS Benghazi

Image above at Moonbattery – White House Had Originally Intended to Blame Benghazi on a Different Video This video from Steve at Cry and Howl. Hillary Clinton is Shit!   . And this video I have posted so many times … Continue reading

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A Cartel Kind Of Halloween

Remember Halloween costumes like the Lone Ranger and Tonto and Elvis, or pirates and skeletons, and the ghostly white sheet with two holes for eyes, or black cats and ballerinas and fairy’s?  Today one’s imagination and money are all that … Continue reading

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“We won’t stand for tyranny!” Words devoid of substance or meaning.

There is a war on for our children from conception to adulthood.  And here we sit, as we have for too many years now, on our hands allowing it to happen.  But, being really good at it, we will continue … Continue reading

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I want desperately to believe in Donald Trump and the Election Fairy

But I don’t.  Trump “seems” to be a good man waking up to a political system so corrupt as to be breath taking.  Unfortunately, I believe he is too little, too late. Last week The Conservative Treehouse posted the video … Continue reading

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While we were distracted this week……

Distracted by a few “minor” things effecting our country (another shooter supposedly murdering Christians/much like ISIS, Hussein Obama promising more gun control, Russia’s move into Syria all the while telling Hussein Obama to pound sand) our dot gov from the … Continue reading

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“It is frightening.”

From Naomi Ragen This evening, the first of October, a young Israeli couple was murdered in cold blood by drive-by terrorists on the road between Itamar and Alon Moreh in Samaria. In the car were their four small children, aged … Continue reading

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You know the answer as well as (sadly) do I

Ann Barnhardt – Would You Fight and Die to Make Sure that He can Walk Her Down the Aisle… … in an indissoluble sacramental marriage to a guy that would, in turn, fight and die for I guess that’s pretty … Continue reading

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There are red lines, and then there are red lines

Some would call it propaganda, some would call it psyops.  Others would never – ever – doubt the intention of evil.

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9/11 #NeverForget #NeverAgain #InUITrust

JΞSTΞR ✪ ΔCTUAL³³º¹ ‏  – I stayed up all night here, and I did it on purpose. Just in case. 411 responders died on 9/11/2001.  The liberty torch was handed off to those left behind.  I know so many who … Continue reading

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Rally against Iran deal – And they all went marching home again hoorah! HOORAH!

Francis W. Porretto – “We have the weapons. We have the numbers. But we haven’t the will.”

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“The Dope Of Hope”

9-2-15 JΞSTΞR ✪ ΔCTUAL³³º¹  – FLASH Chinese warships spotted off the coast of Alaska. TKW406 ‏ – Fear not! POTUS is monitoring the situation personally. B’emet Or – I wonder if the Chinese Warships are in the background of his selfie. … Continue reading

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