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HillBill 2016

Suffragettes lite. Yeah. She really said that. Photos H/T Blue’s Blog

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He’s not really confused … ISLAM – ISIS

He being the jihadist-in-chief. But there are those who don’t have as harsh (might I say clear) a view of Hussein Obama as I. And there are those who certainly do: “We live in days of infamy.” Regardless, David Wood … Continue reading

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I got your back and proudly wear a #73 badge! – #Anti-Amnesty

To all those who have sent skivvies to Washington, I’m just letting you know – you are not alone! Anti amnesty group calls on citizens to send their underwear to DC to protest illegal immigration. Three from my office got packages … Continue reading

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Taliban: Here’s your boy – thanks for the cash – don’t be comin back now ya hear? – VIDEO Bergdohl

Looks like Bergdohl left his sunglasses back in camp. Eyedrops please! EXTENDED VERSION – Bergdohl does not seem to need crutches, wheelchair, arms holding him up – I don’t know folks – maybe he has an infected fingernail.

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Hussein Obama’s “fight to serve our veterans as well as they have served us”

How quickly forgotten are shallow, cheap, words.

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Who does Hussein Obama work for?

My understanding for years has been that a big part of the President’s job is to command the armed forces in order to protect and defend this country. Perhaps I should go check out that “old” Constitution again! Maybe it … Continue reading

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