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Muslim Heroes

Muslim heroes do exist but Hussein Obama is not one of them IMHO. 1-3-15 – PJMedia – Egypt’s al-Sisi Makes Extraordinary Speech on Islam Egypt’s President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi made an extraordinary speech on New Year’s Day to Cairo’s Al-Azhar … Continue reading

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Class, No Class & Gifts

Finally, someone got thru to our rock star CIC that he needed to hire a gottagetsum “Class Czar.”  Thank heavens!  Really, classic movie CD’s and BBQ grills and an ipod complete with photos and BHO speeches – for the Queen no … Continue reading

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So Hillary Denies The Holocaust

Either that or dementia is well and surely seated in what passes for her mind!  I would suggest this woman who wants to be President will never live this one down but the MSM will go thru all the she … Continue reading

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How Loud Are You Singing?

– Peace Thru Strength – PM Netanyahu’s Statement to the Foreign Press  1-15-12 – excerpts. . “In recent days and weeks, Hamas and the other terrorist organizations in Gaza have made normal life impossible for over one million Israelis. No … Continue reading

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Rockets and Children

Though I walk thru the valley of the shadow of death I shall fear no evil, for thou art with me.  Pray.  Just pray. Benjamin Netanyahu -> on twitter. *

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