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And Hussein Obama will pardon this drug lord moments after his conviction! #Noogastrong

Oh!  Wait!  This man, Timothy White, is not a drug lord!  He is Lt. Cmdr. Timothy White of the United States Navy! Allen West – “…this story has me dog fighting mad and seriously pissed off.“ As reported ten days … Continue reading

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Marines to be disciplined in 5 – 4 – 3 – 2….

May I be wrong on this one. May I be wrong. In the meantime – may God watch over and bless our military! “WND managing editor and “How Evil Works” author David Kupelian also commented: “It’s been said that it … Continue reading

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What difference does it make? Young Marine killed in Afghanistan

The young Marine will be buried in his uniform I feel sure. He was not allowed to wear that uniform to his high school graduation – but he will wear it in his casket. What difference does it make that … Continue reading

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Are the Marines a “cliche” too Hussein Obama?!?

From the post just prior to this because it cannot be said loud enough – nor often enough!!! –  Battlefield USA – “Pardon my language here… But how many times does this gamma-male on presidential steroids have to tell you … Continue reading

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