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Is something seriously askew in this story?

“If” this is true – from Powdered Wig Society – 800,000 Syrian refugees in Europe are returning to Syria thanks to Vladimir Putin’s efforts to annihilate ISIS. Correct me if I am wrong but wasn’t there a time when America … Continue reading

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Not to be forgotten, Hussein Obama’s ISIL – ISIS confusion

We are to see ISIS as the world’s gravest security crisis for decades to come but solutions to the horror that is ISIL/ISIS escape this country’s finest thinkers.  An action plan is slow coming and confusion (or something) reigns around … Continue reading

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“Happy Kill List Tuesday” Hussein Obama!

Yes, the “Commander In Chief” killed a gnat! A rather irritating one by all accounts and it wasn’t even a Tuesday! Obama Orders Syria Raid, ISIS Commander Abu Sayyaf Killed by U.S. Special Operations Forces Hooray for our very own … Continue reading

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When you’re trying to scare the bejeezee out of the sheeple – ISIS – part 1

It’s a lot about the image isn’t it? Take as an example the psychology of color as it relates to fear or persuasion. I’ve tried to figure out with little success, what marketing research resulted in the orange jump suits … Continue reading

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