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The deaths of thousands of Americans at the hands of illegal aliens are absolutely “necessary” to a goal of destroying the heart and soul of this country…

And they said – Watch now, watch carefully as Little Jamiel dies!  Watch America and become the sheeple we intend that you be! Forty plus years ago Little Gary died at the age of five of a terrible cancer. My … Continue reading

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Hussein Obama’s acts of jihad against America – WARNING! GRAPHIC IMAGES!

I have suggested in previous writings that Hussein Obama is a closet Muslim, which translates to an adherent of Islam.  Some would argue that this is incorrect and that he is simply a staunch supporter.  He assures us he is a … Continue reading

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Dear Mark Zuckerberg – You must have been devastated when Pricilla and Beast were killed!

Pricilla and Beast, wife and man’s best friend, the loves of your life! And so senseless it was – a head on collision with an illegal alien drunk and drugged! A man who “was in this country illegally, convicted of … Continue reading

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