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About the Israeli IDF suicide bomber…

First, to all Israelis, please accept my apologies for writing such a horrific headline but there is a point to be made to the rest of the world. Have you ever heard of an Israeli suicide bomber? Israeli’s tend to … Continue reading

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Naomi Ragen – Israel – Hamas – Gaza

I have been on Naomi Ragen’s email list for several years. No. I am not Jewish. Yes, absolutely I support Israel and Naomi’s writings are sensitive, passionate, informative, fair. The below came in an email today and I thought I … Continue reading

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“To all those whose plan 4 peace includes eliminating ‘others’, ALL ‘others’ are always militantly uncooperative with such plans.”

Post title via Gypsy RavenWraithe @flippinth3raya Reality is what you see, what you hear, and you see what you want to see, you hear what you want to hear. Your reality is not mine and for every man and woman … Continue reading

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