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If I were the devil

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9/11 #NeverForget #NeverAgain #InUITrust

JΞSTΞR ✪ ΔCTUAL³³º¹ ‏  – I stayed up all night here, and I did it on purpose. Just in case. 411 responders died on 9/11/2001.  The liberty torch was handed off to those left behind.  I know so many who … Continue reading

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One can’t help but wonder at the very ugly, nasty spikes….

Just sayin…….

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“Once you get into the business of massacring children, you have sunk to the lowest, darkest level a person can possibly descend to.”

Black babies do not matter.  Nor brown babies, or any other babies.  They are seen by Planned Parenthood as items on a “menu” to be presented to buyers.  These articles need no additional commentary from me but they sure as … Continue reading

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When Did America Become The Enemy Of The Free World?

Hussein Obama refuses to call ISIS Islamic terrorists. Over and over it is said by military and others – “You can’t defeat an enemy unless you define it.” We continue to poorly define who and what Hussein Obama is.  Communist … Continue reading

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Guest post by American Patriot

American Patriot – your well and clearly stated comments mirror much that many, many other Americans believe.  I am putting it here because I am hoping doubters will consider your words.  I must say though, I deviate by one thing.  … Continue reading

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We Americans as a people understand bad – we DO NOT understand EVIL!

And this is EVIL! From Hyscience – Promises Promises – “So many promises made, so many promises unkept … what’s next under Obama’s ‘Fundamental Transformation of America’!” .

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