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Bill Whittle: “Canaries In Coal Mines”

A comment left on the video: TriForce – Since the end of the 2012 elections I have been doing nothing but converting thousands of dollars into precious metals knowing full well of obama’s disastrous spending policies.  The sad thing is … Continue reading

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TeaPartyEBS – Trifecta

Teaparty Emergency Broadcasting System     ….. In a day and time when we are overwhelmed with life, politics, world issues – survival – we still must stay vigilant.  Daily.  Sorry folks, no slackers allowed.  November is that runaway train just … Continue reading

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Bill Whittle: “Going Out Of Business”

Bill Whittle was the catalyst behind any “activism” I have ever been involved in.  It goes back to the days of Eject! Eject! Eject! when I and others sat in on his forum and discussed his essays and posts for … Continue reading

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You Didn’t Win That – Part II

Hey Patriot!  I fell asleep last night before I could write and tell you I wanted to add a part two to your “You Didn’t Win That” post – which would have required – YIKES – you turning over the keys … Continue reading

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We the People

To a friend on July 4th while out of town – “Independence Day, July 4th 2012.  This time next year we will know if today was the last independence day, or if we reclaimed what the founders intended.  I am very afraid … Continue reading

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