Life to be attended to for several days.  Just saying here – if you have a will – good.  If you have a Health Care Directive (which gives power of attorney to someone you trust for health care decisions for you just in case as an example, you fall, hit your head and are incapacitated) excellent!   If you do not have power of attorney for your financial decisions in time of emergency (ex again, you get hit on the head and are incapacitated) you will be in one giant world of hurt as in – how are your bills to be paid if you can’t.  A conservatorship must be established as the alternative and that means attorneys very large fees, the courts become the conservator’s new best friend.  Enough – just something to think about and hopefully take action on.

Next subject – best way to keep up on Burns, Oregon –

Mojave Desert Patriot – always…

Western Rifle Shooters Association is constantly updating.

This thread at the Conservative Treehouse.

Lastly this – from Razorbacker at Deth Guild – Going Dark For A Spell

“I’ve been on my knees, in the muck and mire, the stench in my nostrils. I’ll stand.”

“Unbeatable forces force me again down, but again I stand. Pain hurts, but despair kills. I’ll stand.”

“Do you think yourself alone, a minority of one? Still stand. One is enough, when one is all that there is. Stand.”

“To stand is to make a target of yourself. Stand.”

“You will not win. You are doomed to fail. Stand.”

“Better men than you have died standing, but all men must die. Stand. Do you not wish to be counted among the better men? Then stand.”

“Better to live a slave than die a freeman? If you ask the question, you cannot comprehend the answer. Stand.”

‘Today is not the day? When, then? Are you so comfortable? Do your knees not ache? Man was not built to kneel, but to stand. So stand.”

“You were given a priceless gift, the gift of life. Do not waste it. Stand.”

“They will mock as you fall. All men must fall. It is a shorter fall from your knees. But fall from your feet, so as to make a resounding echo. Stand.”

“You can live on your knees. You will die on your feet. Choose for yourself; I will not judge. But as for me, I’ll stand.”

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2 Responses to Gone

  1. LadyRavenSDC says:

    Oh D – I know – and thank you – it is my SIL who needs the prayers especially – and let me tell you – despite her horrible accident – prayers are being answered – she is coming along much better than anticipated though far from well. Still – we are so so grateful. Do you remember – it happened the day of, or day after Grumpy died.

  2. bydesign001 says:

    Praying for you. Praying for all in these stressful times, Lady Raven.

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