Now We Know The Reason The GOP Establishment Is “Warming Up” To Trump

Looking just at the U.S. – we are in a world of hurt.
Now. Right this very darn minute NOW!
How long has he been running? Months….
I would follow Trump anywhere – IF – RIGHT NOW – he led the people in some major resistance to what is going on.
One does not have to be President to lead people!
He could, as an example, call on his followers to march en mass on the White House to send a message of “change now or burn now.”
But no – we have to wait for ten more months while damage continues daily.
Actions speak louder than words – thus far he is all sound bites and we should remember that very early on Hussein Obama told us what his plans were for this country.
Since we have no “action” from Trump – we better be listening…..
I’m with Ann –
“The fact that a given person is holding or seeking high-level public office is, in and of itself, proof that said person is morally and/or psychologically UNFIT to hold public office.”

Sword At-The-Ready


Trump says he will work with Leftist Democrats, will make ‘great deals’ with them.

One of the reasons why outsiders have been polling well in this cycle is because the electorate is pissed-off and sick and tired of the GOP Party Establishment making ‘deals’ with Obama and the Democrats and handing them their entire agenda to send the country off-the-cliff into Marxist Socialism with wide-open borders to the third world.

Along comes Trump – who talked the talk of someone who would fight back and do the very things our so-called representatives have refused to do: STOP and undo the Leftist/Marxist/Islamist Agenda that Obama and the Democrats have imposed on the country.

Then the Ruling Class and their apparatchiks in the Establishment Media went on a massive blitzkrieg to destroy Trump, doing everything from suggesting he was a criminal to a wannabe Hitler.  It is why it was baffling that these same Establishment types have suddenly done…

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3 Responses to Now We Know The Reason The GOP Establishment Is “Warming Up” To Trump

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  3. bydesign001 says:

    Since last summer, we have heard rumors that the establishment has decided to work with Trump and only to hear later on that GOP leadership is scheming to eliminate Trump.
    So for the past week, Trump has been talking about how the Republican establishment is warming up to him and how he could work with Democrats.
    What that means is that the Progressive establishment has found Trump’s achilles heel. The man is a narcissist. Trump loves Trump and that means Trump wants everyone else to love Trump.
    What are the odds of Progressives of both parties in colluding against Trump? Not farfetched at all.
    Playing good cop, bad cop, i.e., National Review Against Trump, Dump Trump, Anyone but Trump, etc. while others stroke Trump’s ego with the endgame in mind of taking Trump out once and for all?
    In addition, the timing is suspect. Trump jumping on the “I can work with them” bandwagon is to his detriment and American voters had better be paying attention. Something the GOP leadership is counting on and in the end, Trump will have done it to himself but first they must eliminate Ted Cruz.


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