Obama Campaigning for Next Job – Leader of the New World Order.

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BE FUNKY barack obama united nations general assembly 2015 flickr creative commons 002 HEAD SHOT

For eight years Barack Obama has remained in campaign mode giving the world the impression that he’d rather be anyplace else than in the White House doing what he was elected by the people to do.  Instead, when actually present in the White House, Obama spent the past eight years fine-tuning his legacy, creating derision, chaos, diminishing the liberties of Americans and leading from behind.  All actions taken the past eight years set the nation, correction the world back while compelling Obama forward and sealing his legacy.

My gosh, hasn’t he done enough damage?

Apparently not. Obama has 11 more months to reap further destruction and chaos in the lives of Americans while at the same time continuing to lead from behind, correction underground as he colludes with those entities that would drive the world into further chaos, murdering, maiming and raping its way across the planet.

No wonder Obama has…

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