So I made five batches of candy yesterday…

Plus I made a triple batch of salmon ball, did some shopping, talked to those I love so dearly and at last zoned out on an old cowboy movie.  Switching channels from watching our freedoms and liberty ripped (with absolutely no resistance) from our hands to spending time playing the ostrich is a prerequisite to sanity nowadays.  Some can no longer stand to come back and watch as “seems” to be the case with him, and her, and them, and possibly her, and how many more have written their last post such as –

This – Like many of my compatriots, I have come to understand that there is no political or social solution for the problems that face our nation.  We are caught in a hurricane-force gale of lies and tyranny, and being sucked into a maelstrom of slow-motion economic collapse, while normalcy bias whispers from every quarter, “Peace, all is well!”

But it is not well.

There is nothing any one person or even medium-sized groups can do to stop it now.  Events are in motion.  The fascists have the money and the power.   Regardless of whether they originated from the elites like Soros and Obama or the EBT-swiping gang-bangers in Ferguson or Atlanta, these actions have natural consequences that can not be escaped from.  We have passed all the exits.

People are going to die.

There are others still trying to wake the masses, but for how long?

So.  As Curtis is my first read every morning and several times during the day and evening (because I am obviously a masochist) I started there today and as he has to make some “cookies” himself today he suggested a visit to Western Rifle Shooters Association, so I did.  Which led me further elsewhere, and you know how that goes.  Here to brighten (riiiiiiiiiiiiight) this Sunday:

Dear ol weepy Boehner has seen to it that the small House rotunda is (re)designated the Freedom Foyer.

Freedom gets a foyer, liberty gets the shaftThe Founding Fathers expected the entire Congress to be a “freedom foyer” that jealously guarded the people’s rights and liberties against oppression by the executive branch — the same way that Parliament had defended the English people against tyrannical kings. But now citizens are supposed to be content with re-labeling a room as a substitute for Congress actually performing a vital task.

Are We Comprehending The Barnhardt Axiom YET??!!You realize this applies every bit as strongly to Trump too, right?  Tell me you are not so stupid as to believe for one second that Trump would actually do ANY of the things he is talking about. He’s just smart enough to know what y’all want to hear, and is saying it.  You know how I know that Trump will never follow through on anything he is saying?

The House passedRyan’s bill accomplishes this migrant surge by fully funding every U.S. immigration program currently in existence, as well as funding the President’s expansion of the refugee program through Syrian migrant resettlement.

In perhaps a display of loyalty to Ryan, three-fifths of the Republican conference supported his legislation, and even gave him a standing ovation following the bill’s passage.

Come on.  Lets read that again… “three-fifths of the Republican conference supported his legislation, and even gave him a standing ovation following the bill’s passage.

Oh, and about that border fence promised to “the people” ten years ago?   Got gutted from “the bill.”

What does a vote mean in this country?  Absolutely nothing.

I could go on and on with these links all day but shall close with my preference of a word-master far less gentile than the Senator in the above link.

The Deth Guild

Your votes are completely meaningless. A profound squandering of your energy – providing you intend them as anything more than a protest – or as a tactic for sowing discord. Dempublican, Republocrat, it makes absolutely zero difference what spirt animal you choose to worship. You’re wasting your goddamned time, chasing around the same lies and horseshit, spun by different, (yet completely interchangeable), cunt-weasels in expensive suits. The votes are preordained, the elections rigged by candidate selection and representative government in the first world is every bit as meaningless as it is in the third. In truth, the only people “who matter” are the board of directors at Berkshire/Hathaway, Google, Goldman Sachs and their like.

We won’t mince words here – until you the people are willing to get out there, start killing some cock-suckers and breaking some shit, not a single, solitary fucking thing will change. EVER. That’s the way the world works. This is the way the world has always been. It will operate like this right up until us insignificant human Crapsicles stupid ourselves to death in some grand technological conflagration.




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10 Responses to So I made five batches of candy yesterday…

  1. cmblake6 says:

    Excellent stuff, LR. You are brilliant in your picks.

  2. cmblake6 says:

    Reblogged this on Cmblake6's Weblog and commented:
    Dethguilds post was awesome, and Lady Raven was brilliant to have linked it. Well done to both. My only question is, do I get more 5.56, or 7.62×39?

  3. bunkerville says:

    Other than what you mentioned, everything is swell. (:

  4. the unit says:

    You’re way ahead of Hillary who didn’t bake her cookies. Did you do fudge?

  5. JCscuba says:

    Hi Lady, I took a totally different approach, making it far more possible, damn, It that’s all there really was you would be see people jumping out of windows from tall buildings. Please enjoy.

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  7. LadyRavenSDC says:

    Thank you for “taking back to my home.” MUCH in the links that need to be read by as many as possible.
    Re invite for Christmas dinner – no, sorry, going to Mother-In-Law’s and she has the table set already! 🙂 I trust you will land somewhere wonderful. Merry CHRISTmas!

  8. JCscuba says:

    Love it Lady R. Taking back to my home, Merry Christmas, J.C. P.S. Are you sending me an invitation to come over and eat? That would be a lovely gesture.

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