WHO? If not you?

It ain’t gonna be Santa or the Election Fairy or Trump and certainly not Hussein O looking after your best interests, your life. 

For years WAKE UP AMERICA referred to getting a control on our government.  Well, we see how well that has turned out.  Today – it is about saving your own butt because YOU – ARE – THE – ENEMY!  Wakee wakee!  Or don’t……

From the Mojave Desert Patriot

Law Enforcement, the Fire Service, and the Ambulance are typically referred to as first responders but are they? The fact is that in nearly every crime against a person or persons, those individuals are in fact the first responder. The innocent folks that died while praying in a Charleston Church were first responders. The moviegoers killed in that Aurora theatre were first responders. The government workers enjoying an office party in California last week were first responders. When these episodes break out in split seconds, efforts to minimize the carnage become paramount. Regrettably, examples of first responders abound and in virtually every instance, these innocents were left to cower and just hope that they were not next to be shot because they were not in a position to defend themselves or others. It is a well known fact that many active shooters actually stop to reload their weapons during the incident and 2nd Amendment naysayers should read this sentence twice.

H/T Moonbattery


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