Prayers Needed for Phil (Grumpy Elder)

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grumpy elder

As you may or may not have noticed, I have been covering for our friend Phil at Grumpy Opinions these past few weeks who has been quite ill this past month. Some of you know him as Grumpy Elder or “Grumpy”.

Just received an email from Gretchen of Missouri Education Watchdog with the news that as posted on Phil’s FB page by his brother, Rick Bassette, our friend has suffered a massive heart attack and is in dire straits.

While Phil, presently in ICU was resuscitated, he remains non-responsive. There is mention about brain damage but to what extent, we do not know.

I have been in touch with Rick and should I hear anything, will definitely keep you posted on our friend’s condition.


Phil Basset’s Facebook page.

Rick Bassette, Facebook page.

In the…

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