Veterans Day 2015 – “What have I done and who have I become?”

The question must be posed by each of us, standing in front of a mirror. A gut level conversation just with ourselves. What have I done, or not done, and who have I become?

No more clear a message can be than what is written here by American Patriot – “Away for a while” – two excerpts –

I have spent my life fighting the good fight, only to be kicked when I was down. Attacked by fools who really, honestly haven’t a clue about what it is like to live in a peaceful world, but rather think that those of us who’ve served in the US Military are some kind of baby killers, or murderers.

The 1950s were the best of times and MOST of you were born then and have since created the spawn of the devil in this country who now ruin what our parents work so hard to achieve, to pull us all from Depression. Because you’ve bowed down to a Tyrant, fought to remove our rights for guns and freedom, I say you are now my enemy.

If we let our Veterans down (as we surely have) we let ourselves down. If we let ourselves down, we let our children and our grandchildren down. The buck stops here, not with dot gov who is surely the enemy of this country.

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4 Responses to Veterans Day 2015 – “What have I done and who have I become?”

  1. Hello friends… I am the person that wrote the words that Lady Raven shared. Let me be clear. I have not “given up”. I have not walked away except for a brief respite to spend time left in this world with my wife whom deserves more than I could ever give her for standing beside me for these last 40 years.

    I have not turned my back on America. Nor on God. I am merely preoccupied for an indeterminate period of time to give back to my loved one what she deserves and I can never repay in kind; but I will try.

    There are Veterans out there who deserve more help than any of us can give. I am not one of them, I can and will fend for myself and my America is still here, sleeping, waiting for the time when she will arise again.

    Tonight an ally, France, whom any people look upon as a coward was attacked by the scourge of the planet – Muslims, Islam, ISIS. Whatever you want to call them, these bastards have killed many innocents tonight and I do not believe their deeds will go unpunished. Oh, I believe François Hollande will make an example of someone soon enough. But, more importantly, watch Russia and Putin. God forbid that a KGB Colonel and Communist will do what the President of the United States can’t or won’t do. But, wait for it.

    Retaliation is at hand, even if it comes not from the hands of America, but someone else. It’s coming.

    God Bless America my friends.

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  3. marblenecltr says:

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    If we don’t respond for our veterans, who will respond for us?

  4. marblenecltr says:

    We have been led by people who have contempt for us and the United States, and they will continue to get worse. Few could be lower than one who have a person fight for his family with promises to provide for the needs, especilally when conflict inflicted and when discharged.
    Call your one Senator and two Representatives, (202-224-3121).

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