Muslims are destroying Europe and will destroy America too if we let them

Good – good post Steve. Now, if I may, let me connect the two issues you very clearly set out for consideration.

“How does that happen? How do tens of thousands of people all get the same idea at the same time and just pack up and leave their home lands? Something isn’t lining up with logic or reason.”

BINGO! That whole paragraph! People read it – read it two or three times if you must! Then consider the following:

After all this time America still does not recognize a false flag when they see it.
The 2016 elections are exactly that.
BooHa for Trump he is going to build a fence and put a stop to it and set up a bunch of great new guidelines? GO TRUMP? GO TRUMP? GO TRUMP?
THINK! That election is STILL twelve frickin months away!

How long did it take for this mass migration of (mostly young) muslims to basically infiltrate Europe?
Maybe all of six weeks/two months? What did you say – “it happened all of a sudden.”

Are we stupid enough to believe that the powers that be that got them there don’t have the same capability to get them to our shores in twelve months or a lot less????

“I don’t know how he’ll do it. I don’t really care. But I like the hell out of Donald Trump’s immigration policy to send all illegals out of here and stop any Muslim migrants from entering the United States.”

And that is just the problem Steve and very typical of us. We are expecting someone else (Trump THIS time) to do the work that only the American people can do.

In the meantime, are you and I to expect that the powers that be are going to sit on their butts (like we do) and wait for the elections to see what they have to contend with and go from there? I don’t think so.

Cry and Howl

As the 2016 election approaches we’re being inundated with topics and concerns we as American citizens have. We’re trying to prioritize these concerns … top priority, medium concern and those topics which hold very little importance are all being arranged and we’ll be comparing our most important issues with the views of the presidential candidates. At least with their “stated” views.

Watching the debates is an utter waste of time. The Democrat debate was obviously geared to cast Hillary Clinton in the most favorable light possible. Bernie Sander is a wash and his campaign is nothing more than one to bolster Hillary. Who else for the Democrats?  That’s is! A side note here, what is with the Democrats? Don’t they have anyone besides Hillary? Gawd, the Clintons just never go away … Bill and Hillary are truly the face, heart and soul of the Democrat Party. Corruption and sleaze personified.


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5 Responses to Muslims are destroying Europe and will destroy America too if we let them

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  2. JCscuba says:

    That’s not going to happen. We have far to many people trained to used guns and weapons, they are here, when they become more active, and Obama is gone, the line forms on the right to send these heathens to Allah.

  3. marblenecltr says:

    Great video, the world needs more. Those who control our country don’t object to Islam, however a NWO takes effect is acceptable, even through Muslim global jihad. And, if it contributes to removal of useless eaters, all the better, win-win.

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