Taking pride in enslavement


“Many people express pride in being “law-abiding taxpayers”, which means only that they do what the politicians tell them to do, and give politicians money. When confronted with the idea that it is wrong for them to be forcibly deprived of the fruits of their labor, even if it is done “legally”, such people often vehemently defend those who continue to rob them, insisting that such robbery is essential to human civilization(of course they do not use the term “robbery” to describe the situation, though they are well aware what would be done to them if they refused to pay). Likewise, when one person objects to the level of taxation or other forcible control being inflicted upon him by those in “government”, others who are also being oppressed will often condemn the one who is objecting, telling him that if he does not like how he is being treated, he should leave the country. Maligning a fellow victim of coercion for complaining about it, is a sure sign that a person actually takes pride in his own enslavement.  Larken Rose

“Everyone’s freedom can be lost in a blink of an eye. It only takes a high enough percentage of the population to support and help create a totalitarian government. ONLY those too blind and ignorant can make this a reality. Being a conformist will help bring this about and why an awful government wants as many conformists as they can get and create. Closed thought which is conformity is exactly the idiotic thought that it can’t happen here.”  Quote from “Be Informed” in comments at SHTFPlan

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