Who needs a crystal ball? None who have eyes to see.

What is happening in Europe will be on our doorstep very shortly, if, We, the People, allow it.  You doubt it?  Really? -> Cry and Howl where pictures say a thousand words – here!

The number of invaders we are on the verge of importing is equal to the population of any one of these cities: St. Petersburg, FL; Norfolk, VA; Winston-Salem, NC; Laredo, TX; or Irvine, CA.

Once the conquerors bring their family members (which can happen within a year of their arrival), the total number will likely swell to about 2,000,000, the current population of Houston, TX.

The videos (here, here, here, and here) document thousands upon thousands of Muslim men advancing across the country, pouring like lava over farmland and through villages, sometimes just a few feet from the front doors of homes on beautifully maintained properties, as once pastoral rolling hills are blackened with a broad, dense chain of Allah’s soldiers who will soon plunder Europe.  From American Thinker – We are all Slovenians now

Permit me some further insight to America’s future (below) which does not include the four videos in the article above!  And this from John Liming in comments at Cry and Howl – The Four Stages of Islamic Conquest.  

See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil works only so long as one is willing to lie to oneself!  Waiting for the moment one can pull the handle in the voting booth a year from now when all this will magically go away is the height of stupidity.

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