“A boss who can imprison and torture at will is richer than the richest businessman.”

We have long and erroneously stated that if one just follows the money we would find the seat of evil, injustice, corruption.  More correct would be – Follow the Power!  Our “poor” POTUS doesn’t find $400K annually enough.  Obviously, it is all about power!

“The ultra-reactionary leftists are those who have power and who snarl at anyone who wants a share of that power.  These bosses have a stranglehold on government and on every powerful institution.

What large nonprofit organizations are not wedded to chic leftist cant?  What broadcasting empire is not soaked in leftist messaging and images?  Public schools are all re-education camps, and academia ruthlessly purges any student or instructor who deviates from the dreary plantation of entrenched power.  Every federal agency has been filled with dutiful flacks.  Every union boss really works for leftist overlords.  Even large corporations pathologically follow what officers and directors believe is politically correct.

Why in the world would leftists ever want the revolutions of free enterprise or the nonconformists of Judeo-Christian moral values to have a chance to prove that freedom produces happy work and also wealth, or that morality produces joyful life and purpose?  Leftists want no one to rock the boat. 

Power, raw and naked state power, overwhelms less important things like money.  In the Soviet Union, Stalin’s “salary” was as meaningless as Hitler’s “salary” in National Socialist Germany.  A boss who can imprison and torture at will is richer than the richest businessman.”

The American Thinker – The Ultra-Reactionary Left






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