Hillary’s Vicious Attack on Free Speech That No One Cares About

Good post Denise – and may I add this little bit of info?
From Moonbattery – White House Had Originally Intended to Blame Benghazi on a Different Video

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Independent Sentinel by S. Noble

One of the worst things Hillary Clinton did was to go along with a false narrative that a video caused the attack on the Benghazi mission. She had the videographer arrested for his free speech even though she knew the video didn’t cause the attack. This is a woman who wants to be president. She has absolutely no character.

The night of the attack, Clinton called the prime minister of Libya, explaining that Ansar al-Sharia had claimed responsibility. And in a call with Egyptian prime minister Hisham Kandil, Clinton deliberately rejected the video idea. “We know the attack had nothing to do with the film,” she says […]

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Nearly eight years of Barack Obama diminishing the liberties of Americans, lying, blaming Bush, Republicans, endless scandals and refusing…

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  1. bydesign001 says:

    Well done. Hillary owns BENGHAZI and I have no intention of letter her forget it.

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