Teacher Asks: ‘How Bad Is It Going to Get?’

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Screenshot Maine teacher writes about her experience with Common Core - Missouri Education WatchdogMissouri Education Watchdog by Gretchen Logue

This teacher discovers no one has the answers to her Common Core questions. From How Bad Is It Going to Get?:

And even worse – despite the fact that the our poor state has yet to generate the “proof points” that these organizations so desire, competency-based (another name for proficiency-based) education has already been written into the Senate version of the ESEA rewrite!

This fall, I watched both the presidential debates of both parties, hoping that at least one candidate would say something – anything? – to give […]

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2 Responses to Teacher Asks: ‘How Bad Is It Going to Get?’

  1. marblenecltr says:

    OUR students belong to the state! (And so do you.) Just because they are products of your bodies and you pay for all costs of their education does not mean that you have any right to tell us what to teach them and how!

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