“We won’t stand for tyranny!” Tell it to gov after receiving your $2,344.00 “shared responsibility” demand for payment!

Taking the line from Moonbattery yesterday and changing it up slightly – If you can be forced by the government to pay thousands of dollars you don’t have because you couldn’t afford Obamacare or any other insurance – it would be delusional to think you live in a free country!

The below is from a post at The Conservative Tree-house.  May I suggest reading the comments section.  There are people there already digging into what the IRS can actually do or not do, take or not take, if you don’t have the money to pay.  Where to go for information – like this from Stella –

Here’s the IRS information about this:


Includes this:

Find out if you must make a payment by using our interactive tool, Determine if you are Responsible for the Individual Shared Responsibility Payment.

The comments are going to mount to hundreds within the next couple of days so go back if necessary.



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