We won’t stand for tyranny! Or will we?

We have been (supporting tyranny) for a very long time.  Deny it if you will but the proof stares us in the face every single day – the king still sits on his throne.  Many speak out, but words don’t mean a thing.  Only action.

The Way Out – by Larken Rose – an excerpt –

Can the intricate schemes and deceptions of those in power be ended only when every member of the public fully understands those schemes and deceptions?  To put it bluntly, if achieving true freedom and justice requires the American people as a whole to be fully informed, philosophically enlightened and morally courageous, then we are doomed.

But we aren’t doomed. Fortunately, every authoritarian regime has an Achilles’ heel, a weakness which no amount of military might or clever conspiracies can make up for. In short, when the people as a whole stop imagining a moral obligation to obey and pay tribute to a ruling class, nothing in the world can keep that ruling class in power for long. When the people no longer imagine that there is something inherently wrong with disobeying the arbitrary commands of politicians (“breaking the law”) and no longer feel guilty if they try to avoid being robbed (“tax evasion”), then all the apparent strength of “the powers that be” evaporates into nothing.

Of course, if only a handful of people disobey and resist, the politicians’ mercenaries–soldiers and police–will make short work of them. But if even a large minority refuses to comply, refuses to surrender the fruits of their labor to the ruling class, even if they don’t lift a finger to actually fight back, the empire will crumble. This does not require any election or revolution, but it does require people letting go of their authoritarian indoctrination and reclaiming ownership of their own lives. Empires weaken and fall, not through voting or “working within the system,” but through the people no longer viewing their own subjugation as legitimate.

Read it all.  Then read it again.  Give it a lot of urgent consideration.  Or, continue to support your master while the walls continue to close in.


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