Bill Whittle’s Solution To Gun Control

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6 Responses to Bill Whittle’s Solution To Gun Control

  1. LadyRavenSDC says:

    marblenecltr – I read a great article on the Modern Man of the NYTimes somewhere in last 72 hours. I read so much I don’t even know where to find it but when I do I’ll link.

  2. marblenecltr says:

    Reblogged this on necltr and commented:
    I’ll have a large black coffee and two aspirin.

  3. marblenecltr says:

    The Sandy Hook massacre was a hoax, it was global political theatre to disarm a resistor to the NWO. Study Sandy Hook Hoax, Sandy Hook Actors, and postings of Fellowship of the Minds, Sofia Smallstorm, Wolfgang Halbig for further truth in the matter.
    From there, see how that show was followed by more attacks, real and fake, to bring our country down. How did that happen and how will it happen again? Through copy cat killers in a nation of more than 325 million inhabitants. Among that number will be found many seeking publicity through killings in gun-free school zones, killings that will bring them into the globally recognized company of previous killers of international fame.
    Finally, consider the keen observation brought to my attention by Lady Raven, liquor-toting, aspirin-dispensing damsel of her website, an observation of Jon Rapoport. His work revealed an additional layer to the proverbial onion, a policy suggested for not just gun control, but mind control. That idea is now embraced by many, including Dr. Carson, who previously seemed lukewarm concerning Second Amendment protection. If you have trouble taking their arms, steal their souls. No, do that anyhow, that was the original plan.

    • LadyRavenSDC says:

      Sandy Hook. marblenecltr – fairly early on I saw the Robbie Parker “performance” and I swear, that was all I needed. I have followed a lot of it and totally agree it was a hoax.
      It is insane to think how much money and/or blackmail did that take to pull it off?
      To the rest and whole of your comments – all well said and your analysis of there will be more – copycats many/set up by gov/MANY.
      Rappoport and his Matrix correlation….
      The very best!

  4. marblenecltr says:

    Modern Man of the New York Times, get on your knees and flourish your pink lace banners and flags as your plead for mercy from your enemies, imagined and real.

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