The pure EVIL that is Common Core and the undeniable connection to Jeb Bush

Note to Jeb – deny all you want when convenient.  Embrace as you will when convenient.  An observation:  What soul you might have seems (IMHO) on a rather perilous course.

GrumpyElder – Common Core, the Bush Klan, Damned Lies and Agenda 21

As you read Dr. Ileana Johnson Paugh‘s article below, and get ready to watch the debates tonight, remember that Jeb Bush’s Father, President George H.W. Bush, signed United Nations Agenda 21 for the United States… Since then every President has implemented portions of the treaty through regulation and executive orders, none more aggressively than Barack Obama even though the treaty has never been presented to the Senate for ratification.

They’re doing it that way because, like Bush Senior, subsequent president’s realized the American people would revolt, and hang any Senator who supported it..   The scheme would wipe out every freedom guaranteed in our Constitution..  Want to know why the Federal government wants to know who has guns, there’s your answer.

I found out a little over a year ago, the blueprint for Common Core is included in Agenda 21..

Why are our children being taught what seems to be an anti-American version of history and civics, people with a strong sense of Nationalism are not going to be compliant uncomplaining subjects of a of a Global Government.  For Agenda 21 to succeed, our children must be trained to be global citizens.. or more realistically, serfs subject to the will of their United Nations and Corporate Masters..  Recently Jeb Bush, who has earned a fortune as Common Core’s lead salesman has tried claiming Common Core was a state led effort co-opted by the Department of Education..

No, It was a United Nations program, that Jeb’s father signed onto.. When Jeb looked at the scheme he quickly realized there was money to be made…. 

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