The Hijrah into Europe

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HIJRA[H]: “The Hijra (Arabic: هِجْرَة‎ hijrah), also called Hegira or Hejira, is the migration or journey of the Islamic prophetMuhammad and his followers from Mecca to Yathrib, later renamed by him to Medina, in the year 622 CE.[1] In June 622 CE, after being warned of a plot to assassinate him, Muhammad secretly left his home in Mecca to emigrate to Yathrib, 320 kilometres (200 mi) north of Mecca, along with his companionAbu Bakr.[4] Yathrib was soon renamed Madīnat an-Nabī, literally “the City of the Prophet”, but an-Nabī was soon dropped, so its name is ‘Medina’, meaning ‘the city’.[5] The Hijra is also often identified erroneously with the start of the Hijri calendar which was set to Julian 16 July 622.” (Source: Wikipedia.)

BE FUNKY Migration to Europe EDITED
A correlation exists although many have yet to realize it yet between the…

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