Harley Davidson Embraces Islam


HD Dealership Hosts Muslim Ride that is Chanting Kill White People

A lot of people are in shock that Harley Davidson of Washington DC is hosting Farrakhan and his black panther Muslim gang posing as a motorcycle club on September 11th… I’m not.

I also seriously doubt you will get anywhere with the mother company.

You see, I complained loudly a year ago when the Harley Davidson company started testing the waters in Canada, in French-speaking Quebec specifically , where a vigorous debate about secularism is in progress. It is a billboard with composite picture of two female faces wearing both a hijab and a helmet, under the slogan: “Á Chacun Sa Religion”— roughly translates to: “to each her religion.’

I also know that Harley Davidson has many Muslim Employees all over the globe, including some big wigs named Mohammed right here in America.



Not disgusted yet? How about a…

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2 Responses to Harley Davidson Embraces Islam

  1. 0jr says:

    majority of hd is owned da da da daaa jews

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