The future must not belong to the butchers of Planned Parenthood! 9th video

Mentally I am just not prepared for this next video.  It takes me longer and longer to protect my heart enough to watch them, but I will because I must.  The link is here

In the meantime – I must affirm life which begins at conception.  If not before.  Allow me to blow your mind…


Uploaded on Jun 24, 2010

“Life in 3D” — Real-time 3D ultrasound (“4D”) video showing what fetuses do in the womb: smiling, yawning, urinating, masturbating, kicking their co-twin and much more…

The video clip was presented in The Second Philadelphia Prenatal Diagnosis Update Conference (organized by Drexel University College of Medicine, June 4, 2010) at the end of Dr. Shapiro’s lecture on “3D ultrasound – gimmick or breakthrough?”

The lecture was aimed to demonstrate the significant medical benefit of 3D ultrasound, but though this is the purpose of the examination, some amusement makes no harm.


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