Planned Parenthood video #6 – “fetal body parts were obtained without consent”

Articles which would normally go at bottom of page being put front and center because they frickin need to be read!

Ann Barnhardt – Where This WILL Eventually End Up: Fetal CannibalismWith regards to my Tax Strike, and how I have been begging, pleading, admoREGIME, not only as the last non-violent means of resistance, but also for the good of your immortal souls, I would often use rhetoric such as, “What is it going to take for you tonishing all of you to STOP PAYING TAXES TO THIS ILLEGITIMATE AND SATANIC  draw the line and say ‘this far and no farther?’  What crime will these people have to commit, what atrocity will be needed in order to rouse you from your acedia, indifference and decadence?  ARE THEY GOING TO HAVE TO EAT BABIES…?”

The Conservative Treehouse – Former Planned Parenthood Director Discusses Profiting via “Bonuses” From Aborted Baby DonationsThere’s a seriously grotesque aspect to discussing these articles, and the awakening they bring forth.  But this, well, evil has to be exposed and understood in common terms if the U.S. is ever going to confront and stop this level of inhumanity…

Moonbattery – Jeb Bush Tied to Planned Parenthood Money Funnel – Don’t like the inhuman activities that Planned Parenthood has been engaging in? Then Bleb Bush is not your guy

Mark Stein – Bakin’ Baby SyndromeFor the parts to be useful to the customer, you can’t employ the customary pharmaceutical aids to abortion – the stuff that kills the “fetus” – because, if you do, all the parts you want to sell will be poisoned and valueless.

It would seem to me, therefore, that the risk of a live birth in which the baby has to be killed outside the womb is substantially greater. One wonders what the next seven videos will hold – and what it will take for American newspapers even to cover the story.

Video six released 8/12/15

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